Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stained glass: an alternative for Art

Decorative lighting
The lighting has been associated with purely practical aims and if it is true that it is an element to decorate or renovate the home, it is also a resource that enables the creation of atmosphere and ambience, as the style and look of the space you want to decorate.

Think of stained glass and visualize only in the windows of churches and illuminated with natural light and not as an element of decoration is wrong. Stained glass lamps are an interesting election and each time more people acquire them to decorate their home, since the dining room, the living room, bedrooms and even the terrace.

The Tiffany style was the type of stained glass lamps that decorators have used to the present. Tiffany’s lamps are collector’s items, the designer article type that many people try to obtain. Tiffany was the stained-glass lamps designer globally recognized with a classical style that many manufacturers imitate.

"Yo soy la Vid" Lamp
Solid wood base
Uroboros &
Youghiogheny Glass
The work of stained glass are created by hand, the type of work that can take many hours when is a matter of small pieces of crystal. Stained Glass lamps are not cheap, involving a lot of work and costly materials and that is the reason by which is an article well quoted and appreciated by the collectors.

My proposal of stained glass is a different one, Join the art of stained glass, the practical thing of the object to illuminated and the design of vanguard for create exclusive and unique stained glass lamps since none is equal in spite of have the same design.

On the other hand Light Boxes Wall Arts is an innovative concept as for decorating the walls concerns. It is matter of creating the illusion of a stained glass window with lighting that is not the light of the day. Stained glass works that hangs like a painting with the particularity that you light it during the day or the night and create an indirect lighting.

Design of unique pieces
I include it also in practical use furniture details as are the jewelers, cabinets to exhibit wines and glasses, curies, etc. The stained glass give a sophisticated touch to any piece of the home and there is no doubt that is an attractive and very decorative element.

Experiment besides in the creation of stained glass sculptures with abstract concepts and the harmonization of colors in the glass I use. Forms that make us think and travel with our imagination toward themes and spiritual concepts that help us to feel inspired to fight for that we believe.

Observing the different crystals and to illuminate them, by if is a trip of the imagination of which we speak. Observing how change of tone, as once illuminated appears spots and shapes that when the light is turned off are not perceived, is a spectacle that everyone should experience.

Each piece exhort to the introspection of what we are and with which or who we identify in our passage through life. I do not intend only to create something that you liked and bought it to fill a space, I desire that the one that observe feel pleased and amazed of what it piece manages to motivate to its own imagination.

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